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Our facility management expertise runs four decades and includes grounds keeping/vegetation management, snow management, and janitorial & handyman services. We provide these for a wide variety of industries including dark store management. 



Snow never falls exactly when you want it to. When you combine it with ice, snowfall can be a serious business disruption. But when you work with MDE, you gain from our forty-year well of knowledge. We’ll develop a specific snow plan for your property or manage to the standards you have created on a property specific basis. That means that when the flakes start to fall, regardless of your location, you, your customers, and your employees will have the peace of mind that MDE has it taken care of.

Wet grass


We manage your grounds to your standards. We provide recommendations and support to position assure your properties reflect your standards on a consistent basis. We handle a wide variety of standards based on our clients expectations. These standards range from vegetation control of remote facilities to groomed lawns, landscaping and flower beds to present a consistent image for you and your clients.

Fountain Entrance


With the evolution of buying patterns and long term commitments to property locations we can assure you your property is maintained to your standards. This includes grounds, snow removal and property review for vandalism and repair.



Now, perhaps more than ever, your customers and employees alike rely on you to provide a clean, disinfected and safe environment. MDE’s network of janitorial associates have risen to the occasion and are ready to ensure your building and spaces are clean, safe and presentable. Let us worry about messes and germs, so you can focus on running your business.



Basic issues like stairs, doors and lighting can become a safety issue for your employees as well as your customers. These items can impact employee moral as well as how your brand is viewed by your customers. MDE is here to help with a team of associates prepares to resolve these issues on your behalf. 

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